5 Cities easyJet Large Cabin Bag Trolley (56x45x25cm), Maximum Possible Allowance For easyJet (Plus/Flexi/Extra Legroom/Large Cabin), British Airways & Jet2, 2 Years Warranty 119 reviews
This bag is specifically designed for the 56x45x25cm easyJet (Plus/Flexi/Extra Legroom/Large Cabin), British Airways and Jet2 cabin allowance, allowing you to pack the maximum when flying with them. Pack the max on your easyJet (Plus/Flexi/Extra Legroom/Large Cabin), BA & Jet2...
£39.99 £34.99
5 Cities Ryanair Priority Max (55x40x20cm) Lightweight Folding Cabin Hand Luggage Trolley, 2 Years Warranty, Black 68 reviews
This 5 Cities Folding Carry-on bag is the ideal short trip/business travel bag exactly 50x40x20cm in size, the maximum size for carrying on board for Ryanair (Priority Boarding). Also approved for easyJet (Plus/Flexi/Extra Legroom/Large Cabin) and all other airlines. A retractable handle means you'll be...
£39.99 £20.99
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